One Winter Greenhouse Coming Right Up!

Yesterday our KickStarter was funded 100% (actually a little over that, how's that for icing on the cake?)! So as soon as the time is up the greenhouse will be on its way from St. George, Utah, and I will be on pins and needles waiting for it's arrival. It is a pretty surreal feeling wandering over our property measuring  spaces for such a fabulous toy. Honestly, I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall and have somebody say, "No honey, it was all a mistake, you don't really get to keep it." Mr. Dirt (my hubby) thinks that it will need to sit in the garage until Spring but I have informed him that that is what dad's are for, to help out their little girls when their fingers are falling off from knitting rewards. My dad is a pro at building anything and has a very technical mind, so when it gets here there will be a tearful phone call and begging on my part. If that sounds super spoiled just understand that I never ask for help unless I really need it and he knows that.

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