My Lifestyle Does not Permit...

I love thin bohemian fashion, but that thin bohemian fashion looks very bad after being hooked to a barbwire fence. What I wear is thick, sensible, cotton clothing. My shirts are actually x-small men's undershirts out of the underwear aisle in Fred Meyer, they come in packages of 5 for $20. In summer I try to get away with thin linen to help with the heat but honestly after patching up yet another rip after fixing fences it doesn't seem like it's working out. The other difficulty is that's it's hard to look cool and angsty when you have chicken feathers in your hair, manure on your chin, or wood ash in your ears. That is not angst, that is messy and dirty, which is what bohemian is supposed to date back to, is making fashion out of what you have on you in your poverty but at $200 a shirt it's hard to look that downtrodden when you wear it now a days. Even the 'work boots' that are so in right now are in the hundreds even
though the look is meant to look like they have already been worn and a are about to fall apart. Maybe that is why I love the look so much, it looks like it is meant to be worn on the farm while walking in the sunshine bringing a milking pail in. So what is holding me back from dressing like that? Cost I think, although I have some cute clothes like this, again, they don't have much wear in them and the tear is only a short step in the wrong direction away. So what if I could make myself some clothes like this? If I made them cheap would it matter that much that they are delicate? Could a find a fashion that was cute and durable?

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