RV Living After Homesteading?

I have always loved minimalism and the process of getting things sold and given away has freed up so much space! We are finding messes we didn't know existed under the girls bed and keep having to apologize to potential renters as they tour the house but wow does it feel good! The one crying point was selling all the rabbits, ducks and geese. That was rough. The girls and I did a lot of cuddling and talking after they were all gone.
At this point we are hoping that the renters want to keep the water and food storage so that we don't have to move it all. [I wrote this just before we left home]

Three months later...

Here we are on the road since August, currently in Oklahoma. I remember the feelings I had when I was writing that first paragraph. Our house was too big but I really didn't want to leave my animals and greenhouse. We packed and unpacked the RV three times but it wasn't until the last week that belongings were whittled down enough that the counters started to be visible all the time. I am so glad we came, it was a good decision. At the same time I really want to feel the dirt between my toes again, does that make sense?

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  1. It's obvious that you have such a lust for life and love for nature and your children. I really admire and respect your choice to be a minimalist and get back to basics but, I rally need to say something. Do not take it as an insult. Ok. If you're going to homeschool your children, you really need to have better grammar. Your grammar and punctuation is wee bit atrocious. I'm sorry. I hope you and your family all the luck, peace and love the world has to offer.