June Farming is a Rush!

Wow! The kitchen is overflowing with the abundance of early summer...and we are running to get it all used before the next overflowing basket/bucket come in!

Goats: One gallon per milking means I make cheese every two days plus all the milk we and the baby goats can drink! My favorite is to put a square of 85% dark chocolate in a coffee cup of milk, heat, and then drizzle raw honey over it. It is very energizing and filling.

Quail: Enough eggs that I have to steam and pickle a new quart jar every week. Also, no bugs in the greenhouse!

Ducks: So many eggs that we can't keep up. Four laying ducks are giving us about three eggs a day and even though we eat a lot of eggs these are so filling that four is more than enough. We also have our muscovy with a proud flock of seven new babies!

Chickens: I don't even know how many eggs they are giving us. We are so hooked on the duck eggs that we sort through all the eggs to find them and turn our noses up at the chicken eggs. These get used with the quail eggs for pickling. We are down to four hens and one rooster with six little pullets free ranging in the back yard rather than with the adult flock.

Sheep: Moonlight is giving us nothing but a headache calling her goat mama who decided it was time to wean when she nipped and cut a teat.

Bunnies: We are eating rabbit from a friend and watching the bunnies grow with dreams of compost rather than meat in our heads. The bunny manure is so special to me that I don't like to butcher any rabbits during the growing season. That is some pretty amazing poop!

The greenhouse, swale and garden as growing quickly but no real harvestable meals yet. I am so focused on finishing KickStarter projects that I didn't get everything planted at the right time for early eating. However, everything is heavy with tiny fruit and veggies so it will come...we just need to be patient and keep on watering!

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  1. Hi~ I am grateful you have a blog as well as you tube. My name is Dee and I live in S. Colorado. You have been an inspiration to me for many years. I don't have a you tube account, nor Facebook, so I am unable to post comments there. I have searched for your email and didn't find that either. Kind of old fashioned here, just a blog and even that is not posted regularly.

    Anyways, You asked on a video about some topic suggestions. I would really be interested in how you recovered from Adrenal Fatigue....while managing kids and a farm. That has always stumped me. Also your experiences with Naturopathic Dr.'s etc and the role they played in your health.

    Another topic...how do you balance it all. By the time I get breakfast made, hang the laundry and have a bit of prayer time I have to jump on the ball or my whole morning will be gone and I will be faced with lunch time. I do quit "work" about 3 for daily tea time ( loved that video) and I start dinner at 4. It just fascinates me how you do this. Routines? Lists for the day? Just what ever needs done next? AND you have time for your crafting.

    I have a small garden, 2 Boxers (mischief makers) and cook from scratch 3x/day. When I have time I weave baskets and declutter our home to make my life more simple.

    You are living my dream, if I can get my health there I would be doing more. Thank you for the videos. It gives me a hope for someday :-)

    Hugs to you,