I Exercise The Lazy Way

In my twenties I was lonely and obsessed with exercise to fight depression and the nasty voices in my head. My car was parked and I biked everywhere...even in an Idaho February. Crazy? Yeah, crazy and a little desperate. Now I love my body and recognize that punishment is not the way to go. I don't want to be a size 2 again, it wasn't pretty. When I had my two babies I never lost any weight--I weigh now what I did at nine months pregnant with Kaia. Where before I felt like I couldn't even find attractive clothing now I love my body, my butt has a personality rather than being minimized in my life. My boobs are pretty big and have a great shape. My waist is smaller than my boobs and my butt--even if my belly isn't flat!!! I don't exercise, I live. In order for movement to fit into my life it has to have a purpose above and beyond punishing or changing my body. I have to enjoy the activity and I have to be able to do it at any time during the day without special equipment or clothing, and it can't force me to take a shower in the middle of my day so that I can continue to run my home without interruption.

The three things I do to move are: mini-trampoline, yoga, and an exercise ball. All facilitate lymph drainage, are gentle on joints, and don't work up a big enough sweat to require a shower. I can do the tramp and ball at any time of the day. One of my favorite YouTubers MamaNatural suggested a standing desk for working on the computer but those cost hundreds of dollars and are still just you sitting on your butt. I spend up to 8 hours a day on my computer, how does standing help me?

Exercise Ball:
 My FAVORITE because it is the easiest and most no-brainer! I asked Mr. Dirt for a new exercise ball for Christmas ($10 at TJMaxx). Make sure to get one with the pump included! I sit on this when I am blogging or editing videos--I LOVE IT! Without the ball my posture gets very bad and by night time I need to go to a chiropactor. With this cheap ball I turn up my music loud and bounce/dance on the ball until my muscles are relaxed, stretched, and happy. My posture is perfect on it. Sure beats and expensive desk that just lets you stand right?

JumpSport Trampoline:
I bought this two years ago because my lymph drainage was so bad that I had constant headaches as well as constipation/digestion problems. Dana Kaaha on YouTube turned me on to it. She fought cancer with it and won. JumpSport 370 and after researching it for 3 years I bought one. Growing up my mom had one of the little trampolines from Big Five and even as I kid I hated it because it was so jarring and hurt my back. This one has bungees instead of springs and so it is just like a big trampoline but easier and less dangerous. I haven't been on it for a while but my kids use it every day and it works congestion and lymph out of their systems when they are sick or the weather is too cold for them to go outside and play. I like to put coconut oil in my mouth and do my oil-pulling while I bounce gently for twenty minute. This way I kill two birds with one stone. The biggest difference this makes in my life is that it gives me a flat stomach since it helps my digestion and elimination so that there isn't any nasty buildup in my digestive tract.
The one she loves is the

This is one of my favorite things to do but I don't do it right now. I loved to do it in a group setting but the teacher I went with stopped teaching and I haven't been able to find anyone else in our remote location. So I got a book and a mat that wasn't full of nasty toxic plastic chemicals. Because I need to do it without shoes on it is very difficult for me to find time for. I get up first thing and fix lunch and breakfast for Mr. Dirt. Then I bring in wood and do animal chores. Where do I find time to take my shoes off and put on stretchy pants? Hard to do in jeans and manure on my boots is such a gross turnoff! The best solution would be to get up earlier and do this before the rest of the family is up. Problem: I am up all night knitting so mornings are difficult already. I know I would feel better if I did this. I love to use the book 'Moving Towards Balance', by Rodney Yee. It has great pictures and amazing series of moves. When I was doing it every day I was feeling very balanced.


  1. I love this idea my hubby just moved to a desk job and im seriously thinking of talking him into an excersize ball for work!Im a stay at home with two almost 3 kids so the trampoline would be fun for all of us I think!

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  3. I am inspired by your philosophy of having exercise/movement be part of something larger than just trying to make your body more attractive, or fit into some kind of cultural norm. I have become so ill over the past 10 years that I was actually fired illegally from my job, which is a whole another story. In the 1970s I lived on a commune in Kentucky, and I'm trying to figure out away to move in the direction of self sufficiency. Gourmet mushrooms in the basement anybody? I look forward to your next YouTube video! Thank you.