I Found a MicroClimate!

We have a lot of different surfaces and temperatures on our property but this one takes the cake! In our front yard next to the front door I have a honeysuckle that is still green and very much awake! Did I mention that we have had temperatures below zero this November? Did I mention we had snow for almost two weeks? Well this little plant is so warm and cozy that none of its leaves have fallen off and they are still plump and green. So guess where I am planting my hardy kiwis in the Spring?
 I did plant some this summer and they survived but I can't help but think that this super-micro-climate would really help them take off. The only drawback is that this is a slightly shady spot and I don't know how well these perennial vines will like that. So far the plants I have in these spots are aggressive groundcovers, not necessarily edibles. Further north I have friends whose kiwis have survived and fruited, theirs are planted under an apple tree so maybe the shade won't be a problem?

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